#7 Math in China


Although many QB seniors graduated and planned to study abroad in the U.S, they might not decide if they should stay in the U.S or go back to China in the future. In addition to the career in the U.S, mathematical career is also prestigious in China and graduation as a math major in the U.S can produce unique advantages, comparing to those without the experience of international educational background.

Firstly, students, attending universities and colleges in the U.S, are usually better in English (“10 Benefits to Studying Abroad”). Because many international companies set branches in China, they prefer to hire students with good ability of English so that they are able to deal with international cases. Moreover, because international students are familiar with western culture, especially the way of thinking in business, they will become more competitive in the job application. Therefore, international students are able to have the better competence to work.

Math majored international students have more advantages in related fields. The quality of undergraduate education is universally regarded as the best in the world. Compared to relaxing campus life in China, international undergraduates actually suffer heavier loads and pressure on personal develop. All the obstacles actually strengthen students’ professional ability and stimulate them to work actively. The bash of quizzes, assignments, midterms concrete students’ knowledge and skills. In comparison, students only need to take one midterm and one final exam in most of the local universities in China, which make their professional ability less solid. Most of the students study only when exams are around the corner.

Because it is talking about math majors in the United States, an advantage of mathematical study here must be the atmosphere. The atmosphere to study and search for opportunities actively. Indeed, opportunities here are more diversified. It might be the charm of the American dream: accessibility of pursuit of anything amazing and impossible. Therefore, the strongest competence for international students back to China must be their passion and vision in their career. Companies are able to receive novel ideas and courage of innovation from these students.

In summary, studying abroad is a precious treasure for international students, even if they choose to go back to China for their long-term develop.

word count: 376

Work Cited

“10 Benefits to Studying Abroad” International Student. www.internationalstudent.com/study-abroad/guide/ten-benefits-to-studying-abroad/. Accessed 26 October 2016




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