#9 Prepare for Graduate


Most of the seniors from Qibao High School will have a plan to join the graduate school. Advantages as a math major in graduate school application are also outstanding. To apply for a graduate school, you should firstly establish certain study. It should be specific and accessible. Next, you should collect experience in the related fields (“GETTING EXPERIENCE IS ESSENTIAL PREPARATION FOR GRADUATE SCHOOL“). There had better be working experience, research experience, team work experience and etc. However, collecting experience is not simple at all. You need a guide and professional assistance on it. Fortunately, major in math can provide adequate resources and opportunities on this, both from research and jobs. It also allows you to connect with other subjects and develop interdisciplinary fields of study.

More Choices

As it is mentioned, math is versatile. Besides those program with no specific requirement graduate-school-174319287in graduate-school degrees, students can choose data science, statistics, mathematics, actuarial science, physics, computer science, astronomy, public policy and etc. Among my colleagues, most of them decided to apply for graduate school at the very beginning of their campus life. The major in math actually helped them to apply more diversified programs than other majors.

Research Experience

Depending on programs applying, research can play various roles. Direction on different programs can vary. For example, there are programs for research and there are programs for a profession. If students are applying for some program heading to research, then related experience will play an important role. Resources in research can mainly focus on fields such as data mining, machine learning, and other popular topics currently. Moreover, traditional issues, such as probability, also deserve further discussion if you are interested. Besides GPA and GRE scores, universities will take such experience as a plus in your application and such resources in math are adequate and attracting.

Working Experience

Although there are limited job positions available only to math major students, it is nothing to become depressing because the department usually hires undergraduate students with outstanding academic performance. Working as lab assistants, teaching assistants, and graders on campus are all plus for your application. The point of working experience of full-time students is to show an ability of teamwork.

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