#5 Unique Advantage for QB Students

Qibao High School (QB) is famous for its good education and strict requirements to get admitted. Students always achieved high grades in Shanghai high school entrance exams there. Because math takes almost 1/3 of the exam, most of the students worked hard in math and achieved high scores. Not to mention, Chinese teenagers started to learn math in earlier age compared to peers from other countries (Reynolds Michael). As the result, students admitted in the high school have already performed well in math.

After the enrollment, QB provides well-designed routines of courses with experienced instructors, which guarantees students to receive comprehensive study in all subjects. Indeed, mathematics is treated as one of the most important subjects because it still takes 1/3 in the complicated entrance exam to universities. Thus, students’ ability of learning math get enhanced in the high school, which means they become even better in math. In such condition, I fail to consider any possibility that they are unable to master entry-level classes provided in universities and colleges in the U.S.


Good academic performance at the beginning is crucial to building up self-confidence. Take something you are good at is very important (Lynn & Hyman). My personal experience in computer science (CS) can perfectly illustrate the reason well. My relatively poor performance in CS prevented me from keeping the minor. Hence, constantly struggling with courses that are very challenging saps your strength and can, over time, undermine your confidence (Lynn & Hyman).

Besides academic aspects, QB students are also comparatively more open than their peers from other high schools in China because of colorful campus activities held there. Studying abroad is not about learning knowledge and skills, but also about learning how to take care of yourself without the guidance of your parents. Choose an easygoing major so that students can have time to enjoy extracurricular activities, exercise, traveling, parties, and other happiness. Depending on the social advantages mentioned, students should be aware that college is not only about the study, developing leadership and other personal values through experience beyond classes is also crucial when applying for both graduate school and jobs.

word count: 354

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