#1 Why Should QB High School Students Go To the U.S for Undergraduate Study?

Qibao(QB) High School is famous for its high quality of education. Because of trends in China that more and more parents decide to send their children abroad for undergraduate study, more doubts and confusion occurred, as well.

Some of them are not prevaricating. There are scandals, for example, Chinese rich students bought luxurious sports cars and had parties every day without studying. Last year, the news reported that three Chinese teenagers would go to prison for a San Gabriel Valley attack on a classmate (Stephen Ceasar). Although the news and scandals were actual, those were an only minority of the students. According to statistics, 41% of the Chinese students studying in the U.S are undergraduates by 2015. (Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian). Compared to those teenagers conducting the crime, undergraduates are actually grown ups and have ethical standards. Furthermore, bullying among adolescents is a worldwide issue, not just among international students. Advantages of studying abroad actually exceed such potential minuscular danger.

Newly graduated Chinese students gather

See the world (“10 Benefits to Studying Abroad”). It will be the very fresh opportunity for seniors to explore the world independently. There will be opportunities to observe the new outlook, new cultures, new activities, and new customs.

Education (“10 Benefits to Studying Abroad”). It is common knowledge that most of the elites go to the United States for good education. Transferring between majors, colleges and universities are easier in the U.S than in China. Students will have more freedom in developing academic and professional interests.

Language Skills (“10 Benefits to Studying Abroad”). Studying in English speaking countries is obviously better in improving English than studying in non-English speaking ones. More importantly, many universities and colleges provide classes for the foreign language such as Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian and so on. However,there are no such electives provided in universities in China, unless someone majors in certain Foreign language.

Personal Growth (“10 Benefits to Studying Abroad”). Study abroad is more than academics. Students also get opportunities to organize personal life, plan the future career, and become mentally stronger. As an experienced international undergraduate in the U.S, I have lost in emptiness, came across obstacles in academics, and finally successfully overcame mentally and physically languor. Even though the mottled experience has once brought me depression and anxiety, it has now become more a valuable memory.

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