#2 How to Select a Major.

What is a proper major to choose? A major can decide a student’s career and maybe even life as one of the chain effects. Nowadays, almost 31% of the roughly 975,000 international students in the U.S are from China. According to the primary survey, one of the most crucial considerations on major is that it should be able to bring a good job.

Do you like the major?

Interest is the best teacher. Take courses that are appealing to you, and then think about which subject truly motivates you (“The College Major: What It Is and How to Choose One“). Most of the seniors might have no clear interest. More precisely, they have multiple interests but fail to decide which one to develop for the profession. For example, when I was admitted and enrolled into the University of Maryland, my major is undeclared because I could not decide what to work on in the future. Therefore, what to concern next is that the major should be able to bring out a bright future.

fieldsofstudy_english-01Is the desired major “popular”?

If there were multiple choices, do some research about what kinds of jobs certain major relates to. Make sure that target jobs related to the major are directly or potentially connected with your ambition. For instance, a physics major student can be interested in physical research but can also be interested in positions in engineering or astronomy. There are also science major students who finally turn out to be consultants or bankers. Indeed, the average income of graduates is also crucial to consider. It is an attraction for certain majors because they are easier for students to get jobs after graduation.However, can students master such majors?

Don’t forget to judge yourself.

Computer science is one of the most popular majors to major but it is also rigorous to master. When students come across difficulties in the study, they can easily be frustrated and fail to move on further in the subject. Undergraduates with a fair academic performance in computer science may still be able to get internships or full-time jobs. However, some of my colleagues still quit it halfway because of the heavy load. Therefore, what is the most popular might not be what is the most accessible. The point is the find the proper one to develop.

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