#3 For Interest

For students who are already interested in math, it is the correct choice to major in it. Mathematics is a versatile subject, intersecting with multiple fields of study and some of them are welcoming in industries. For students who are uncertain about their interest or are interested in multiple fields, you can choose math as your major, as well. This major can help you not only in the job but also in the graduate program application.

Commonly, math is regarded as a basic subject. Its practice covers not only in science and engineering but also in social sciences, even liberal arts. Students major in math will have more choices available for occupation and research. According to words at mathematics department at Duke University, “Suppose you love mathematics, but ultimately see yourself pursuing a career as a doctor, lawyer, or in business. You should be aware that professional graduate schools in medicine, law, and business think mathematics is a great major because it develops analytical skills and the ability to work in a problem-solving environment.”(“Why Study Math”).salaries

How are literature and writing connected with mathematical knowledge? The meter of poetry, the number of words to include in a line, and effects of certain rhythms on the reader are all products of mathematical calculations (Van Thompson). Arts can also involve math. Geometric knowledge and formulas can help students to construct their impressive graphs, as well (Van Thompson).

Beyond academics, the importance of math in the career should not be ignored, as well. Bankers and consultants are usually good at statistics and modeling language, such as SAS or Python. Bayesian statistics can help to analyze and predict change in stock markets. Principals in math also produce various kinds of financial derivatives, which make current economic market succeeds.

In summary, students can choose math as the proper major even they are not certainly attracted by the subject. Even though they are interested in multiple fields of study, math can help them to approach and accomplish the goals better and easier. It can be the final destination but it can also play the role of preparation for other subjects. Precisely, more benefits than drawbacks to major in math from the position of interest.

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